Sunday, February 15, 2009

Politics in Billiards & Drawing With Life: A Thousand Thoughts Rushing Through My Mind

Drawing with Light GraphicSome people say that I own the world’s number one blog on billiards and co-own one of the most popular no-holds-barred billiards forum; that my passion for billiards is so intense; that I have a very good eye for photography; that I have a gift for writing – a gift that others call uncanny because I can write almost about anything, and everything, under the sun, and in a snap; that I have garnered billiards trophies and medals, and established pool records that would be the envy of some; that I am lucky and a man blessed; and more.

But truth be told, I sometimes wonder where all of these is taking me – whether I should continue with the ride or completely get out of it all.

The mean and cruel nature of people saddens me to a point that I do not want to continue doing the things I love anymore. Politics in billiards: Has it always been there? Or has it just resurfaced? Its emergence, or reemergence, in billiards, a sport that I love so much, and which has loved me back in more ways than one, has contributed to the negative feelings I am having right now. Such has left me thinking and guessing who my real friends are. It has also left me dumbfounded about the true intentions of people around me and those in the pool scene – selfish intentions and negative reasons that I dare not write about because such make me want to puke! And I kid you not!

An injury, call it a condition if you may, has left me unable to walk very fast or climb steps properly. It seemed not to matter in my passion, though. However, it did stop me from traveling extensively. But guess what, I have rediscovered my old love, photography. And my rediscovery of drawing with light has got me thinking that perhaps I should not look for answers - sooner or later – on such issues rushing through my mind. Why so? My first love, drawing with light, has made me realize the joys of travel and experience the warmth of people once again. It has rekindled some form of hope that someday, somehow, people will see the sport, and themselves, in a different light. A positive one.

To my photo buddies Juan Carlos “JC” Lopez, Lito “Vice” de Castro, and Jason Calubaquib, much thanks for helping me rediscover my old love. I have found my self. Again.

"Be cool. Be with The AnitoKid!!"

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Ernie Small said...

if you took the photo above, you do indeed have a very good eye for photography.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

I did, my friend. And I kid you not!

No Photoshop or anything such. You have my word on that.

Much thanks for the kind words.


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