Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cricket Equipment, Bats & Clothing at Morrant: Great Selection!

Morrant GraphicLito San Antonio, a billiards buddy, is into cricket. My pool player friend sent me a short email asking for help in finding cricket equipment, specifically cricket bats and cricket clothing. I quickly activated my ever-dependable online search tools for my pal, who has been playing the sport since he was in his teens. My custom software highlighted a number of good sites – tons of it - including that of Morrant.

Based in the United Kingdom, Morrant is a popular discount sports equipment supplier that offers a wide range of equipment for different sports. Morrant was established in 1973 and focuses on team sports – leveraging on its 35 years experience in mail order team sports items. Yes, you’ve read right, everyone – 35 years experience in offering team sports equipment! Now, that is one awesome fact – a feat that could not be easily beat!

Specializing in cricket equipment, Morrant highlights prices that are fully discounted so that all clients and customers may realize and enjoy true cost savings to the hilt. But wait, there’s more! Morrant also has other great sports equipment and gears for sale for anyone, and everyone! These include equipment for rugby, hockey, football, netball, and training equipment. It also sells mouth guards, artificial grass/turf and insoles – all complete with size guide and more! And guess what! Morrant has just installed a new computer system that it is currently developing to aid the Morrant sales team give customers the best customer service possible! Truly, such features could only mean one thing – a very enjoyable shopping experience that will make customers come back for more! And I kid you not!

For those looking for cricket equipment, e.g., cricket bats and cricket clothing, do try Morrant! With Morrant, anyone and everyone will discover what they have been missing! And they will be glad they did!


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