Monday, October 18, 2010

An Uber-Beautiful Leather Custom Cue Case by John Barton of JB Cases!

Friends, please check out my new, one-of-a-kind, leather custom cue case made by none other than the world’s best cue case maker, Mr. John Barton of JB Cases!

This uber-beautiful leather custom case features real leather and heavy tooling. It comes in the configuration of one of my favorite cue cases – The Instroke Cue Cases. Do notice the rivets at the front and back! I simply love 'em! And for those not in the know, Instroke Cue Case was founded by Mr. John Barton in 1991. I still remember the day I saved enough money to buy my very first Instroke Cue Case, i.e., a 2x4 Instroke Cowboy! And I still have the case! As beautiful as the day I acquired her!

It goes without saying that Mr. John Barton made use of only the finest leather and materials in The AnitoKid case! Such include the use of magnetic puzzle latches so no moving parts to break ever!

Truth be told, this leather custom case is more than such! It is a work of art! But wait! I’m getting ahead of myself! I will let the pictures do the talking from here on! Hope you enjoy ‘em!

Here are the rest of the pics - please click here.

To John and Karen,

Many thanks for taking time out in making my dream cue case a reality! It is far beyond what I had in mind! Indeed, IT IS one uber-work of art! And I kid you not!


"The AnitoKid - the original!"

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Anonymous said...

Thats a great looking case!

Billiard Table Manufacturer said...

I like the stuff of the cue case. Its pattern and style is very unique and different from others cue cases. Its really look awesome. Great work.

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