Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Women's World 10-Ball Championship: Players and Schedules of Matches

2011 Yalin World 10-Ball Championship GraphicThe complete group draw for the 2011 Yalin World 10-Ball Championship is now official! And I kid you not! The world’s best professional female pool players will battle it out at the 2011 Yalin World 10-Ball Championship from November 2 to 6, 2011, at Robinson's Galleria.

China will try its darndest best to keep a monopoly on world championship wins, but they will have some big challenges in the persons of England's Allison Fisher and Kelly Fisher.

"The World 10-Ball Championship is important to me because it is a title i have not won. Nine ball is a bit more of an equalizer but nevertheless, to win an event requires great play and some luck," commented Allison, aka the Duchess of Doom. "I hope to perform on a very high level and in turn create a great result." When asked who her top picks would be aside from herself, Fisher simply stated "Not saying." No doubt, with a big win in China last week and her 5th US Open title in early 2011, Allison sees herself on the top podium with England's national anthem playing.

Korea will have a powerful force as well and is likely to produce a top contender into the later rounds. Ga Young Kim already has two World Championships, Yu Ram Cha has a World Open title, and Eunji Erica Park has a 3rd at the US Open and a 5th at the 2010 World 10-Ball.

Heat from the Pool Capital of the World will be provided by no less than the 2009 World 10-Ball Champion Rubilen “Bingkay” Amit and Iris Ranola.

Monica Webb and Jennifer Barretta will try to be the first Americans to win in 2 decades.

Group 1
1. Jasmin Ouschan AUT
2. Shin Mei Liu TPE
3. Rubilen Amit PHI
4. Monica Webb USA
5. Nataliya Seroshtan
6. Q6 (qualifier #6)

Group 2
1. Xiaofang Fu CHN
2. Hua Shan Lai TPE
3. Iris Ranola PHI
4. Mary Rakin USA
5. Anastasia Necheava RUS
6. Q5

Group 3
1. Siming Chen CHN
2. Yu Ram Cha KOR
3. Keiko Yukawa JPN
4. Angel Paglia USA
5. Kamila Khodjeava BEL
6. Q4

Group 4
1. Ga Young Kim KOR
2. Yun Mi Lim KOR
3. Miyuki Fuke JPN
4. Emily Duddy USA
5. Melissa Rademakers NED
6. Q3

Group 5
1. Kelly Fisher ENG
2. Eunji Park KOR
3. Elham Shakori IRI
4. Jennifer Barretta USA
5. Laetitia Dos Santos FRA
6. Q2

Group 6
1. Allison Fisher ENG
2. Praveen Neena IND
3. Jia Li JPN
4. Naomi Williams CAN
5. Oliwia Chuprinska POL
6. Q1

Group 7
1. Sha Sha Liu
2. Indira Gowda IND
3. Yu Han CHN
4. Brittany Bryant CAN
5. Tamara Peeters NED
6. Caroline Roos SWE

Group 8
1. Chieh Yu Chou TPE
2. Chihiro Kawahara JPN
3. Zhu Qing Bi CHN
4. Ana Majinnia RUS
5. Kynthia Orfanidas NED
6. Line Kjorsvik NOR

Predator Cues, the world's #1 cue brand and Simonis Cloth, the top trusted name in billiard cloth, will be used throughout the event. Predator has more than half the women's pros using their products and Simonis will be used on all the Yalin pro Tournament Edition tables.

The billiards event will be airing locally and internationally on ABS-CBN and ESPN Star Sports, respectively. The event will be broadcasted live for all five days of the main event with 25 hours of broadcast television coverage.

"It's championship time with The AnitoKid!"

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