Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daryl Peach Subdues Ronnie Alcano in Philippine Bigtime Billiards Face-Off Series!

Daryl Peach GraphicDaryl Peach, aka The Dazzler, staged an impressive come-from-behind finish against Ronnie Alcano, aka The Volcano, to rule the November 29, 2011 Face-Off Series of Philippine Bigtime Billiards at the Pagcor Airport Casino in Paranaque City. Peach rallied from a 2-7 deficit and secured the win at 9-7.

Peach, the 2007 World 9-Ball Champion, received the $5,000 top prize, while Alcano, the 2006 World 9-Ball and 2007 World 8-Ball Champion, settled for $2,500. The latter was the odds-on favorite to win both in the house and e-games.

At the onset of the competition, Peach fumbled on two easy shots, which paved the way for Alcano to realize a seemingly insurmountable lead. However, the Dazzler took the last seven racks by exploiting the winner’s-break format in the 10-ball, race-to-9 event.

It was a vindication of sort for Peach, who got nipped by Alcano in the 2007 World 8-ball Championships held at the United Arab Emirates.

Peach’s win marks the third straight defeat of Filipino pool players in the weekly showdown after Ralf Souquet won against Dennis Orcollo and Carlo Biado in previous matches, which were also held at the Pagcor Airport Casino

But wait! It ain’t over till the fat lady sings! Come November 26, 2011, Peach will face off against another World 9-Ball Champion – none other than Francisco Django Bustamante! And you guess, right! I am betting my bottom dollar on Django on this one. And I kid you not!

*Photo credits go to my good friend Biboy Soriano.

"The AnitoKid loves come-from-behind finishes!"

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