Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Francisco Django Bustamante Wins World Pool Championships!

Francisco Django Bustamante Image

Billiards buddies and pool players, we have just witnessed history! Our very own – our kababayan - Francisco Django Bustamante has won his first World Championship! Yes, you’ve read right, friends! Bustamante defeated Taiwan’s Kuo Po-cheng, 13-7, at the 2010 World Pool Championships (WPC) in Doha, Qatar!

I have been praying for this day to come – we all were! ‘Twas back in 2002 that Francisco Django Bustamante should have won his first World Title. But it wasn’t meant to be.

For those not in the know, Django Bustmante played his heart out in the finals of the WPC against Earl Strickland, aka The Pearl. In the evening prior to the final match, sad news came from the Pool Capital of the World - that Bustamante’s daughter had taken ill. And died. Stunned and devastated, the Filipino pool player was told that he need not play the finals match – and that all would understand. Django seriously considered this. But, somehow, his wife was able to reach him and convinced him that their child would have wanted him to continue the fight.

And fought he did! In one of the bravest moments and most memorable matches that our sport has ever witnessed, Francisco Django Bustamante bravely took center stage as the audience, and everyone around him, wept. Django may have lost the match to Earl Strickland that day, but truth be told, he won the hearts of the millions of pool fans around the world! Including mine!

And the whole world waited. And waited. And wait it did for this! For this moment! Puyat Sports’ Francisco Django Bustamante defeated Kuo Po-cheng, a pool player who has been in the quarter, semi, or final match of the WPC more times than any other player without a win, to become World Champion!

And what a way to win the World Championship, friends! ‘Twas 12-7, with Django Bustamante on the break. With his signature style of breaking the rack and letting all hell break lose, the Filipino pool player unleashed his beautiful form and snapped the 9 ball to win not just the rack, but the finals! ‘Twas a golden break for Django to win the World Championship! A golden break to finally put the demons from the past to rest! That is just one awesome ending! And I kid you not!

Indeed, Francisco Django Bustamante came through the 128-man WPC field in Doha, Qatar, in style! And he won it all with heart! And bagged the championship with flair! Congratulations Django! You made us all proud – again! Mabuhay!

*More congratulations to my kababayan, Antonio Lining, for sharing third place honors with the Scorpion, Johnny Archer!

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