Thursday, July 8, 2010

Efren Bata Reyes: Amazing Shot on the Billiards Table!

For my billiards buddies and pool players who may have missed it, this will make your day! And I kid you not!

Here is a YouTube video featuring Efren Bata Reyes, aka The Magician, who just arrived in Spain! Upon seeing the Living Legend of Pool, the crowd asks Efren to make a good shot on a seemingly difficult layout. Fresh from his flight from the Philippines, with bag in tow, and a coffee on one hand, the Genius accommodates the wishes of the crowd and all.

Efren Bata Reyes was all smiles initially. But alas! The smile evaporated as the Poor Kid Who Made Good approached the table. The smile faded completely as "The Magician" appeared!

Without chalking the pool cue, without powdering his bridge hand, and without bothering to put his bag down, the greatest pool player to ever wield a pool cue takes one good look – and a quick one at that - at the pool table, with emphasis on the 6-ball! Efren begins his stroke. And on the fourth pump, Bata lets go and follows through. Not only did he make a good shot on the 6-ball – he pocketed it – straight and true - into the corner pocket and avoided a nasty scratch on the side! The crowd goes berserk! Wow! Efren is just unbelievable!

And whatever happened to the pool cue used by Efren on that shot? Spain’s David Alcaide retires it - permanently! Such will serve as a testament to what just unfolded right before them and the whole world!

For those who had never seen Efren Reyes play before, or if you had only seen him play at his mediocre speed, you might have thought the man got really lucky on this shot. But for those of us who have been around him enough to know better, we simply laugh. We simply smile. And we simply just shake our heads in wonder! Just like Efren! I, no, all of us, are all just happy and content to be living witnesses to some of the incredible things that the Magician has done on the pool table!

Without a doubt, Efren Bata Reyes is the best ambassador that billiards could have ever hoped for. With pure goodness in his heart and pure brilliance with a cue in his hand, the magic never ends! And it really does not matter whose cue is in his hand, mind you!

Truth be told, Efren Reyes is just amazing! Bata’s humility, personality, and talent are legendary – making him the most popular pool player in the world! Fans of the cue sport love him! His opponents respect him – acknowledging him as one of the greatest and one of the most gracious pool players on the planet ever! Everybody just adores him! Everyone just can’t get enough watching him play! Indeed, Efren Bata Reyes is the greatest!

A personal note:

I first came across this YouTube video at AZ Billiards - posted by my kababayan, JoeyInCali. And as I read the wonderful comments posted on the thread about our well-loved Bata, a thought rushed through my mind. Gather the posts and piece ‘em altogether into one article - a tribute (if I may be allowed to say so) to the greatest pool player and to my friends at AZ Billiards.

To Efren and my family at AZ Billiards – Mabuhay ang bilyar! Mabuhay ang manlalarong bilyarista! Kapatiran!

"Nobody does it like The AnitoKid!"

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