Monday, July 19, 2010

MastaPlann Reunion Concert and DMC World DJ Championships at One Esplanade, Mall of Asia!

MastaPlann ImageClubbers of all ages, it’s that time of the year again! DMC Philippines is holding the 2010 DMC World DJ Championship – the Philippine Finals on August 14, 2010! Yes, you’ve read right friends! The DMC World DJ Championship is just around the corner!

Organized and managed by the Philippines’ most famous man of music, Jesse (Gonzales) Cambosa, The DMC World DJ Championship reaches almost 50 countries and a membership of almost 100,000 members. The competition uplifts the status of DJs and gives them due recognition in their respective fields – all promising to give the country’s up-and-coming masters of the art of turntablism a shot at international stardom!

But wait! DMC Philippines is not done yet! Right after the 2010 DMC World DJ Championship comes the long-awaited reunion concert of MastaPlann! It’s DJ Sonny, DJ Ouch,and DJ MOD with Mc’s TYPE and TRACER ONE, folks! We lived for this day, y’all! And I kid you not!

Mark it on your calendars, everyone! The 2010 DMC World DJ Championship and MastaPlann Reunion Concert on August 14, 2010, Saturday, at 8:00 PM at One Esplanade, SM Mall of Asia. Indeed, it’s a back-to-back music and entertainment extravaganza for all clubbers out there! And it can only come from one of the pillars of the Philippine entertainment industry – DMC Philippines!

Be there! Or be square y’all!

For tickets and all – click here – Masta Plann Tickets!

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