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World Cup of Pool Finals: Efren Reyes & Django Bustamante vs. Ralf Souquet and Thorsten Hohmann!

World Cup of Pool GraphicThe World Cup of Pool 2009 Finals is just about to start, billiards buddies and pool players! We are definitely in for a treat! And I kid you not! Team Philippines vs. Team Germany - it’s Efren Bata Reyes and Francisco Django Bustamante against Germany’s Ralf Souquet and Thorsten Hohmann!

It’s a Race-to-11 Finals, everyone! Referee is Michaela Tabb (Scotland). The PartyPoker.Net’s World Cup of Pool Finals – I’m watching it live as I type this rack-by-rack account!! RAKRAKAN NA!

Team Germany is introduced first, Ralf and Thorsten, respectively.

The Pride of a nation – Team Philippines, then make their entrance, i.e., Efren and Django, respectively.

Ceremonial break by World Light Flyweight Champion Brian Viloria - a miscue – everyone laughs! He is given a second chance. :)

Rack #1
Thorsten wins the lag of the Race-to-11 Finals!

About 12,000 people are watching the match.

A very good break by Germany. Everything is laid out fine.

A horrible miss by Ralf on the 3 ball! I guess it must be the time pressure!

Efren and Django briefly work out their strategy – they decided to play safe (possibly the best option at this point in time).

Germany successfully hits the 3-ball. Efren then pockets the 3, and this is an easy layout for Team Philippines! Perfect cueball positioning every shot! Django pockets the 9-ball in the corner! Efren and Django exchange several high-5s!

Score: 1-0 (Team Philippines)

Rack #2
Winners break. Django breaks from the left side of the table – it’s an illegal break – the 3-ball barely passes the headstring. Django pleads his case, but the rule needs to be followed. It has been applied to everyone.

The idea behind the rule is to put an end to the soft break, which tends to bring out boring games.

Django really looks upset as Team Germany starts to clear out the table.

A difficult cut shot on the 7-ball has Thorsten call for an extension. He tries to pocket it in the left top corner – a risky decision in my book. Thorsten misses! The crowd claps in glee!

It’s Efren for the 7-ball; he pockets it the corner. Django for an easy 8 in the corner and leaves the cueball for a perfect position for the side. Efren pockets the 9! Great drama here in Manila!

Score: 2-0 (Team Philippines)

Rack #3
Things are not going well for Team Germany is this rack. The Philippines’ bests are in tune with each other. Basic shots from Django and Efren on this one. And it’s a 3 game lead for Team Philippines as Django sinks in the 9! The crowd goes bonkers!

Score: 3-0 (Team Philippines!

Rack # 4
Django breaks – another illegal break! Django is now really upset!

Tabb instructs everyone to keep quiet.

Efren opts for a push out. Team Germany needs this one badly. It’s going to be a battle of safety, friends!

A nice safety by Thorsten hasthe cueball behind a 4,7 cluster! Awesome!

Django successfully hits the 1-ball, though.

Ralf shoots a safety on the 1-ball, which Efren counters! Hohmann then hits the 1-ball via a 2-rail shot.

Django pockets the 1-ball in the corner. Efren softly hits the 2-ball to hide the cueball behind the 8-ball – but effort fails.

The table is now wide open for Team Germany to make the board – and score they did with Ralf pocketing the 9-ball in the corner.

Score: 3-1 (Lead by Team Philippines)

*People are going up and down the escalators over and over again to have a better view of the game.

Rack #5
Ralf breaks this time – two balls down with the cueball almost scratching in the corner pocket! Everyone is holding their breath as the cue ball approached the pocket! Then a low moan!

Hohmann opts for a push out. Django tries a safety of the 3-ball? He lefts the 3 hanging, though. It’s Team Germany on the table again. This one’s going to be an easy-pickin’ table for ‘em. Ralf pockets the 9-ball to cut down their deficit.

Score: 3-2 (Team Philippines leads)

Rack #6
Thorsten breaks – it’s an illegal one!

Efren fails to pocket a difficult 1-ball in the corner!

Ralf plays a safety on the 1-ball, leaving Team Philippines on the defensive now. Django successfully hits the 1-ball. Thorsten goes for a 1-9 carom but misses!
Efren pockets the 1-ball to the delight of the crowd! It’s the master at work! It’s a nice layout now for Team Philippines.

Efren pockets the 9-ball in the side for a 2-rack lead.

Score: 4-2

Rack #7
Efren breaks – 2 balls go in! A terrific kick shot on the 1-ball has changed the complexion of the table - this rack will be easy for ‘em as both players unleash impeccable control on the cueball! Django pockets the 9-ball.

Score: 5-2

Rack #8
Django breaks – a legal one this time! However, no balls went in. I noticed he put in a little more power in this break.

Thorsten fouls! It’s a scratch in the side pocket! Wow! Now, there’s a possible 1-9 combination for Team Philippines! However, Efren doesn’t go for it – and decides to pocket just the 1-ball in the side. I see his point here – table layout is easy, especially with ball in hand!

But wait! Django fails to pocket an easy 6-ball in the corner as he tries to kill the cueball for the 7-ball! Indeed, it is a sorry miss! How things turn out for 9-ball!

Team Germany finishes off the last four balls.

Score: 5-3

Rack #9
Ralf breaks dry for Team Germany. Django calls for a push out. Team Germany gives it back to Team Philippines. Django goes for a safety on the 1-ball, hiding the cueball behind the 7-ball. Thorsten goes for the jump, but leaves the table open for Team Philippines.

Efren unleashes a very nice shot on the 5-ball, which saw the cueball hit 3 rails for a perfect position on the 6-ball for Django! Awesome!

Efren feels the pressure as he misses on the 7-ball! It’s a tough grind at the point in time, friends! This one is going to cost - one cannot make such mistakes when you’re playing against Ralf and Thorsten – who successfully cleans up the rest of the rack.

Score: 5-4

Rack #10
Thorsten downs three balls on the break, with a clean shot on the 2-ball. Everything is laid out well in this particular rack, IMO.

A near miss by Hohmann on the 3-ball going into the corner pocket has the crowd gasping! The crowd gasps again with another near-miss by Ralf on the 4-ball

Germany ties the game!

Score: 5-5

Rack #11
This is turning out to be quite a showdown between the two teams! IT IS never easy to win championship!

Nothing down on the break for Ralf! It’s a difficult rack for Team Philippines. Efren puts a very good safety on the 2-ball – thought-provoking! The cueball is nicely tucked behind the 8-ball, making a jump shot impossible.

Team Germany opts for an intentional foul – putting the 6-and 8-balls in cluster. I call that experience!

Django pockets the 2-ball in the side, leaving a difficult shot on the 3-ball – a very long shot! Efren pockets the 3-ball. Django does a safety on the 4-ball, leaving Ralf with a difficult kick shot via the short rail. Souquet misses.

Efren makes the 4-ball but leaves Django a difficult angle for the 5-ball. Django tries to kick it in – but to no avail – the 5-ball is left hanging in the corner pocket. Team Germany will finish this one – easily – and takes the lead for the first time.

Score: 5-6 (Team Germany leads)

Rack #12
Thorsten Hohmann breaks this time. He pockets the 8-ball. Ralf fails to down the 1-ball as The Kaiser tries to cheat the pocket!
It’s Team Philippines back on the table. Efren and Django will take this one, no problem balls as far as I could tell.

But wait! Efren misses on an easy 6! He got up from the shot too quick! And he knew it! Luckily, the 6-ball is left in an awkward position near the side pocket!

Thorsten fails to pocket the 6-ball via a difficult reverse bank try on the bank!

Efren pockets the 7, with Django cleaning up the 9-ball in the corner pocket! (It was a near miss on the 9-ball, which had the crowd gasping and had Django shuffling!)

Indeed, it’s a thrill ride in this Race-to-11 Finals, friends! It couldn’t get any better than this! WOOOO!!!

Score: 6-6

Efren is swamped by fans as he tries to make his way to the men’s room! Fans with cameras, programs and all flock the Magician!

Rack # 13
Efren breaks this time. You could just feel the drama and excitement in the air! And I kid you not!

A difficult rack to begin with has both teams going for safeties, until the table
Is left open by Team Philippines for Team Germany.

*Ralf almost scratches on the 8-ball!

Score: 6-7 (Team Germany leads)

Rack #14
Ralf breaks dry this time. Problem balls include a 2-7 cluster.

Efren plays a safety on the 1-ball, putting whitey behind the 2-7 cluster!

Hohmann successfully hits the 1-ball via a bank shot.

A poor position on the 2-ball from Efren, which Django subsequently missed to pocket in the corner, has Team Germany back on the table.

Team Germany scratches on the 3-ball!

A cut shot on the 5-ball by Efren is a miss! I could tell Efren is very frustrated at this point in time. The pressure is tremendous!

Who will survive as the World Cup of Pool championship hangs in the balance?

Rack #16
A tough battle of safeties characterizes this rack. I could see the strain on the faces of members of both teams. This is the longest rack of the Finals, everyone.

A spectacular kick shot from Django on the 3-ball has the crowd roaring! No! Efren misses on an easy 4-ball and leaves it for easy picking on the side pocket!

It seems all is well until Ralf misses on an easy 8-ball! The pressure is on!

Django, instead of trying to pocket the 8 via a difficult rail shot, puts it in excellent safety! Awesome! Thorsten has no choice but to try to hit the 8-ball, with the cueball hiding behind the 9-ball! This is a pool match like no other!

Efren pockets the 8. The crowd is cheering for Django for the 9! Django misses! It is all too much to bear – for everyone! The cue ball stops on the short rail – opposite that of the 9-ball – a very difficult shot!

However, it’s Thorsten on for the shot! He strokes his cue. Takes aim. And shoots! It’s in! Wow! This guy is good! He is just pure excitement!
Team Germany now has a 2-rack advantage in one of billiards’ most prized titles!

Score: 9-7 (Team Germany leads)

Rack #17
Ralf does an illegal break on this one. Django leaves the 1-ball hanging in the top corner pocket. Not a pretty layout this time for both teams.

Thorsten misses on the 5-ball, which Efren pockets via a reverse bank.

Team Philippines cleans up!

Score: 9-8 (Team Germany leads)

*I just love Ralf’s custom cue! A beautiful work of art!

Rack #18
It’s for the tie! It’s an illegal break for the Magician.

A great shot on the 2-ball by Efren leaves Django with a perfect position for the 3-ball. However, Django falters! Too many errors from both camps could only mean one thing – the pressure is one!

Efren makes an amazing kick shot on the 4-ball, which left the crowd gasping for more! The strain on Efren’s face is very noticeable!

Kaiser on the 5-ball – the ball fails to go in the pocket by a hairline! Oh boy!
I’ve never seen anything like this before!

Efren pockets the 5. Django the 6 – but leaves Efren on the wrong side of the table for the shot! Django is all frowns now because of that! Efren, summoning all his might – does a 7-8 combination – which wows the crowd! Grabe!

Django pockets the 7, and Efren ties the score by pocketing the 9 in the corner! Everyone goes wild! You couldn’t hear yourself think!

*It’s the first time I’ve seen Efren with an expression he has on right now. He is visibly “stressed” by the pressure placed on him and Django! Nothing is easy at this point in time!

Score: 9-9

Rack #19
The Philippines to break! Django takes aim. Fires! It’s a dry one!
Real pressure here right now – for both squads!

The Kaiser does a 2-6 combi – and with authority!

Team Germany looks composed now. Very much composed. It could be because of the layout of the table? But not until an uncharacteristic big miss by Ralf Souquet on the 5-ball!

And what a shot by Efren on the 5-ball for the side-pocket! It had to avoid the 8-ball by a hairline! WOW!

It’s an easy clean up now for Team Philippines! We are on the hill! One more and we will have in our hands the World Cup of Pool, including a historic first – 2x World Cup of Pool Championships by Efren and Django!

Score: 10-9 (Team Philippines is on the hil!)

Rack # 20
Efren breaks! It’s Team Philippines’ last break! An illegal and dry break!
A push out has Team Germany giving it back to Efren and Django.

Django opts for a safety on the 1-ball? Team Germany counters. Efren hits the 1-ball successfully. Ralf now has an open shot for the 1-ball. Ralf calls for an extension! Every one is quiet! You can just feel the tension!

Ralf goes for a safety on the 1-ball! Very nice, if I may say so!

Django counters, which earned him a high 5 from Efren. Team Germany hits the 1-ball, but leaves the Filipinos a chance to open up the table!

Efren hits the 1-ball and caroms and pockets the 2-ball! Awkward position for Django this time. However, Lady Luck is smiling down on him, as Bustamante’s shot turns out into a safety for Team Philippines!

Another counter from Ralf! This is getting to be a headache for all members of both teams!

A stop shot from Efren has the crowd in ooohs and aaahs as Efren makes body language as of trying to shake of signs of being nervous!

Django’s excellent position for the 3-ball could be the clincher here! But wait! Efren’s position for the 4-ball, after pocketing the 3-ball, leaves doubts on everyone’s minds! Django puts the 3-ball into safety. He is not a happy man at this point in time.

A shot and near scratch by Ralfhas everyone holding their breath!

Efren plays a lockdown safety on the 4-ball!

Thorsten successfully hits the 4-ball, but leaves the table open for Team Philippines! We are going to win this! And I kid you not!

Django makes a very difficult 6! Efren pockets the 7 and takes the ball around the world for the 8-ball! A perfect position for Efren for the 9! And WE WIN!!!

Efren dances and grooves! Django gives high 5’s! Django lifts Efren in the air! The crowd goes wild! WOOOO!

Efren and Django are now 2-time World Cup of Pool Champions! It’s a historic first! Awesome!!

"Efren & Django - simply an awesome tandem! The AnitoKid"

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