Thursday, April 5, 2007

sonia roco - i kid you not

found a post from my friend
over at 3x+y,
which made me think and ponder

are you an informed voter?

voting without understanding the issues
is like jumping out of a 747
without a parachute

the ground is approaching fast - better start reading...
or do you even read?
do you even care

The AnitoKid reads...and the AnitoKid cares
and that is why the AnitoKid says,


senatoriable Sonia Roco
who said

"Para naman silang mga sariling mundo," which was followed by a hearty laugh when interviewed on TV Patrol Monday evening newscast, regarding Team Unity's reaction to poll surveys on Top 12 senators.

a philosopher once told me,
"whatever comes from the heart is always good"
unless, the AnitoKid believes, that heart is evil.

sonia roco, you may offer excuses and apologies
a ton of it, perhaps,
but there are things that
i sincerely feel and honestly believe right now -

sonia roco, is your heart evil?
because a hearty laugh always comes from the heart,
from both the conscious and deep subconscious self.
and your statement wasn't even funny at all
in the first place!
so what gives? what? what? what?
'di kaya, ikaw ang may sariling mundo?
ano sa palagay mo?
and that is my opinion, personal or otherwise.

Sonia Roco, thank you for showing the AnitoKid
the true color of your heart
YOU do not have respect for others
do not deserve a seat in the senate
YOU do not even deserve to run!

Do you want to know what love, respect and leadership
is all about?
you can start here...

And read on. Believe me, it is for your own good.

There's this girl, who was softly crying at 11:30 pm. She is a scholar and the top notcher in her class; she was studying for her last batch of exams scheduled the next day. When her dad saw her sobbing, he asked, “Anak, what's wrong?” “Nothing dad,” the little girl replied.

If you feel pressured in being number one again this school year, don't be. I don't want it. I'm more than happy with you and your efforts.”. She just hugged her dad and hugged her she did.

Two days after, her dad brought her along for a trip to Makati, to do some errands and shopping.

During the drive, he asked,

“Anak ko, what was that all about? The crying and stuff?”

“Dad, I almost wanted to give up kasi, that night....i was so tired and all. I didn't have enough time for myself...”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You see, I've been tutoring my classmate, Rowena, who is danger of being kicked out of school because of her low grades. I've been tutoring her since February. Since the first day of the exams, I reviewed her, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, everyday. And when I got home that day you saw me crying, I was just so tired and drained.”

“And who told you to tutor her?”

“No one, dad.”

“Did your teacher asked you to do that?”

“No, dad. Nobody did. Kawawa naman siya if she gets kicked out. She never had a perfect score nga in quizzes all her life, but she finally did! About 2 weeks ago!”

“Really? And what happened?”

“Our classmates cheered! Everyone cheered! Tinuruan nyan ni Agatha! Agatha tutored her!”

Dad stopped the car and said, “Anak, I don't care about you being the top-notcher. That's the truth! What you did there is way beyond that is expected of you. And I'm very, very proud of you!”

They hugged each other. And hugged each other, they did.

nota bene:

  • Rowena successfully passed all her exams!

  • The little girl in the story? For the first time in her life, she failed to place first in her class. She got 2nd honors. But did she really fail to place first?

  • And by the way, she got additional medals for being the Best in Science, Best in Math (she always gets a perfect score in exams! I kid you not!), and Best in English (her Dad's personal favorite).

And you maybe thinking right now, “Can this story be true? Is this story really true? Or are you just pulling my leg, AnitoKid?” Yes. The story is true, Sonia Roco. The story happened three weeks ago. The little girl in the story is a Grade 5 student; a scholar; an active officer of the school's Student Body Council; a ping-pong champion; first-runner up in badminton; and winner of her school's beauty and brain's contest (and she did it in her first try). Her name is Maria Agatha aka Agi. And she is my daughter.

even if she gives him 12 million bucks!



Autism Society reacts to Sonia Roco's statement

Filipinos with autistic family members were gravely hurt
by senatoriable Sonia Roco's recent political yet irresponsible statement.
This sentiment is shared by ASM--The Autism Society of the Philippines.
Here is their reaction to Roco's statement:


"Para naman silang mga sariling mundo."

This is what Senatorial candidate Sonia Roco said when interviewed on TV Patrol Monday evening newscast, regarding Team Unity's reaction to poll surveys on Top 12 senators.
She followed her statement with a hearty laugh.
But we could not laugh with her.
Coming from a respectable Educator like Mrs. Roco,
families of Filipinos with autism could not help but feel hurt by such statement,
given the context that it was said.
After all, we have worked so hard for the past 20 years
to educate Filipinos about autism,
and to remove the social stigma associated with it.
We can't help but wonder...
if a poll survey is to be conducted now among the estimated 400,000 Filipino families
(multiply that please with the number of immediate family members and elatives, plus professionals involved),
what would be Mrs. Roco's ranking?

Dang Uy Koe
Autism Society Philippines

Update: ASP already got in touch with the office of Mrs. Roco regarding this matter and is expecting her reply.


While we Filipinos are fond of cracking jokes,
what I really cannot digest is how certain people would make fun of special people,
e.g,.the autistic, the handicapped, the poor, the obesed, the curly-haired, the dark-colored...
the list just goes longer.
I mean can't we just respect one another?
We are each created uniquely, but we are all equals in this world,
and we have no right to claim that we are superior to others.
We need to even have that responsibility to widen
our understanding and concern for people who are often misunderstood.
Wouldn't this world be a better place
if we just lift our morals
a little bit higher than where it is collectively right now?

- Dexter

- o -


I AM SAM said...

On a personal perspective, I have nothing against Sonia Roco. Because of my superficial understanding, I will opt to tackle another dimension of her personality. I have always believed that behind the success or failure of men are women. It is pointless to enumerate some classic examples, but the previous events in Philippine politics deserve to be included in this discussion. First, Ferdinand Marcos has Imelda, who was undeniably a picture of glamor and extravagance. Ninoy should have been president, but having Cory by her side, who happens to be a part of the powerful Cojuangco clan is a major plus. Moreover, it was Ming Ramos' smoking habits that made FVR an interesting president. In addition, Erap was linked with several women each having contributed to his ascend and immediate downfall. All these leaders have powerful women by their side and this facet caused the late Raul Roco his destined place in MalacaƱang. Sonia Roco was never a public figure and has no charisma to compensate for her husband's Herculean efforts. Raul Roco lost not only because of money and machineries. He did not have the luxury of having a wife that can capture the public's attention and translate such attraction to votes.

Reich said...

my comment is a little long... so i posted it on my blog instead.

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