Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Literatis at the Philippine Stock Exchange, Makati City

The Literatis had a grand time at the mall,
errr The Philippine Stock Exchange
Makati City
- part 1 of many -

I smell money, ma!

everyone was excited
"they are going to teach us how to beat the market!"

after this training,
i'll change my name to Don Dondon

and the best part of the training exercise?

amidst the background of the movers and shakers
of the Philippine capital market...
move it! move it!

sign language
used to be an essential part of any stock exchange

and they felt the presence of the King!
King Ary

Dundee: wala akong gana
Richard: I wish for more rice

Karlo: Yoga Before Meals

a behind the glass look
at the state of the Philippine economy

Art and Cha

half full or half empty?

and everybody left!

Yes, they did!

"upong mayaman"

na-jijingle na ako!
(I need to go to the men's room)

- Leo Quinitio -
schooled in the money art
in Sweden

Leo's partner in crime,
his right hand man,
Jay PeƱaflor
Carlo: What the hell is this guy up to?

I guess I have to tell the boys
that I'm leaving on a jet plane
and I don't know when I'll be back again

sugar and spice
and everything nice

The AnitoKid with Kathleen Buenaobra
One of Leo's Sidekicks

The Quintessential Hotshot
and I kid you not!
Sikat na Sikat sa PSE!

I'm Tit, he's Tat

again with the famous jingle composer

and this is the Da Vinci code...
notice the candlestick? how about the meridian?
and the median? and the Indian?

I don't want to leave

sino sa palagay ninyo ang nakainom?

magnetic personality

Dax: I learned a lot today!
Leo: Really? Wow!

Amy: I should have cashed it in!

we're just friends - hi hi hi hi

Dondon: still counting the money he made
during the mock trading exercise
(in reality: dito na ko jumingle!)

dancing the night away at the PSE

me and my stomach ache

a requested presence

Dax: So this is a tsupitero!
Ricky: You learn fast, my young apprentice

Dax: Are you really the quintessential hotshot?
with the hot Ferraris, the fat wallet, and the big mommas?
Ricky: I'm not ready to answer that question

just passing through

if it could only speak!
the deals, the meals, and the steals

memory lane

the $$$3 billion dollar-man
those were the days
I remember them well

and how to end a nice post?
with a nice pic! that's how!


Novice Blogger said...

Requested presence photo: I never imagined I would look that happy!

3x + y said...

Best Actress in a single performance: Amy!

Best Actress in a lead role: Amy!

Best Actress in a drama series: Amy!

More pictures in

CokskiBlue said...

exlinks tayo anitokid. :) great pics!

It's always a runout at The Runout TV!