Friday, October 2, 2009

Bagyong Pepeng - Super Typhoon Parma

Ondoy Floods GraphicI am about to ramble. I was in Ayala, Makati City, around 4:15 PM today. I noticed that there were like hundreds of people on the street.

I asked one of 'em what the fuss was all about, and learned that they were asked to go home to prepare for the incoming super typhoon (Parma aka Pepeng) and to be with their families.

I understood what every one on the street (or most of them) was going through at that point in time. Believe you me, seeing the TV images for the past few days on the destruction brought about by Typhoon Ondoy made me feel strange. It’s neither fear nor anxiety. Anger? No. Sadness? Yes. Most of the images I’ve seen on TV depicted pain and suffering on my kababayan’s faces. And truth be told, it hit me – to the core of my soul.

I got hold of my phone, dialed the number of my twin sons, but to no avail - network busy daw. Tried countless times, but connecting proved futile. Without second thoughts, I canceled two money-related meet ups and decided to go home to be with my sons.

I went to my car, started it, and headed towards the Skyway's entry ramp near Amorsolo. Saw McDonald's at Makati Cinema Square, and suddenly remembered how hungry I was - no breakfast or lunch yet for me the whole day, at mag-gagabi na! And I kid you not! I decided to forego Mcdo and head straight for Skyway.

Experienced almost 2 hours of traffic at Skyway - all the time trying to contact my twins.

Upon reaching home, my twin sons gave me a "Welcome home, Dad" kiss. After resting for about 5 minutes, the three of us had dinner, and chatted while doing such. Like most of you, I am a firm believer in the adage that family always comes first.

It’s 9:40 PM. And it has started raining again.

I pray that everything will be alright for my family and friends, and for each and every Filipino, especially those who have not yet recovered from the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy, which hit us last week. Ramdam ko ang paghihirap at pagdadalamhati ninyo, aking mga kababayan. Kung kaya ko lang kayong tulungan lahat, di kayo mag-dadalawang salita sa akin. You and our beautiful country are always in my prayers.

I guess I am still rambling. No edits, no grammar and spell checks, no nothing. Just rambling. At this point in time, my only wish is that my beautiful country be spared from more destruction – havoc feared to be brought about by the incoming Super Typhoon Parma (Bagyong Pepeng). Sana lumihis. Sana maglahong parang bula. Sana. Sana. Sana.

May God bless the Filipinos.
May He bless my beautiful country.
May the Lord bless us all.

"A thousand things rushing through my mind.The AnitoKid"

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