Sunday, August 29, 2010

Masta Plann Pictures in YouTube Video with DMC World DJ Finals!

Clubbers of all ages, here are a compilation of pictures via YouTube videos on the just concluded DMC World DJ Championship – Philippine Search back-to-back with the Masta Plann Reunion Concert!

Indeed, ‘twas an unforgettable hip-hop event! Everyone was treated to a dazzling display of lights, sounds, and grooves by the competing DJs and Masta Plann at the One Esplanade near Mall of Asia! Special guests also dotted the landscape that night, including US-based DJs Mista-B and Deeandroid who flew in that day - all the way from the Land of Milk and Honey - for one of the best live mix performances I have heard to date! And I kid you not!

Of course, the who’s who in the Philippine entertainment industry were there, too! They were all led by none other than the Philippines’ Famous Man of Music – my brother - Jesse (Gonzales) Cambosa!

And rumors have it that Masta Plann is gearing up for another album – soon! Now, ain’t that an awesome news!

Hope you enjoy the pics, everyone! See you next year, y’all!


"It's uber-clubbin experience with The AnitoKid!"

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