Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Moving Company You Can Trust: Humboldt Storage & Moving!

Humboldt Storage & Moving GraphicDanilo Clemente, a billiards buddy, is looking for a moving company. My pool player friend is relocating soon and wants his belongings to be safe during transit. I quickly activated my ever-reliable online search tools to help my pal find a moving company. My search results highlighted a number of sites, including that of Humboldt Storage and Moving.

A quick glance at Humboldt Storage and Moving reveals a lot of interesting facts about it. Humboldt Storage and Moving was founded over a hundred years ago by Harris Goldman. It is currently under the able leadership of the third Goldman generation, Howard and D’Arcy Goldman, and has become a nationally recognized, award-winning moving firm that ranks in the top 5% of United Van Lines agents!

Humboldt Storage and Moving has successfully forged ties with some of the nation’s biggest firms, and have assisted them with everything associated with relocation and transfer, e.g., employee relocation and art moving – all of these and more with excellent service and commitment!

For those who do not want endure the stress related to relocating, worry no more! You can one your own piece of mind with a moving company you can trust - Humboldt Storage and Moving! Countless families gave been the opportunity to relax during the relocation process by contacting Humboldt Storage and Moving. After all, moving and relocating is not just about handling furniture and stuff – it is about having a smooth transition! And I kid you not!


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