Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shin Mei Liu, Taiwan Players Rule 1st Day of World 10 Ball Championship!

Shin Mei Liu GraphicWomen’s World 10 Ball Championship Update:

The Taiwanese were picked as top bets from the beginning, and Day 1 showed no indication of that changing this week. Taiwan sent a strong contingent of women to the Jbetpoker.net Women's World 10-Ball Championship including Shin Mei Liu, Hsian Ling Tan, Su I Yu, Yuan Chun Lin, and Chieh Yu Chou. All five women have strong accomplishments to their name and all went undefeated on Day 1 of the round robin group stages.

Shin Mei Liu, a 2x World Champion, handled her USA opponent Meraglio 5-0 while Lin also whitewashed newbie amateur Filipina Zarah Delrosario 5-0. Chou introduced USA's Sarah Rousey to Taiwanese pool with a 5-2 beating, while Tan completely outclassed Austria's Champion Jasmin Ouschan 5-2 on the TV table. Ouschan had also been feeling sick the day before and the day of the match. "I've never seen Tan before, but she looks like a level up from Ouschan, which is incredible!” commented Bob Guerrero.

The closest match the Taiwanese had was Su I Yu versus my friend, Mica Claveria. Both players won a qualifier, and Yu raced to a 4-0 lead on the TV table. With a packed audience rooting for her, Mica climbed back to a 4-4 tie but fell in the last game when she made an amazing bank shot but scratched.

The Taiwan women will be a sure bet to reach the final four of the event on the last day June 6, 2009. But truth be told, there will be a Filipina waiting on the other side! And I kid you not!

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