Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bilyar.NET Cue Bazaar at Rack Em Up Bar & Billiards!

bilyar.NET Cue Bazaar Graphic

Pool players and fans of the cue sport, guess what? The first ever Bilyar.NET Cue Bazaar is just around the corner! And I kid you not! Yes, you've read right, friends! It's the 1st Bilyar.NET Cue Bazaar - the very first cue bazaar and expo in the Philippines!

Indeed, The Pool Capital of the World’s top cuemakers will grace the 1st Bilyar.NET Cue Bazaar to showcase their art and craft for all to see! These include one-of-a-kind cues, limited editions, and customized sets! And oh! When we say the country’s TOP CUEMAKERS will be there – you better believe that such will be the who’s who in cues and cuemaking on this side of the pool planet! WOOOO!

WHAT: 2011 BDN Cue Bazaar
WHEN: 6 PM onwards; October 29, 2011
WHERE: Rack Em Up Bar & Billiards

Rack Em Up Bar and Billiards GraphicSell! Buy! Or trade your pool cues, cue cases, and billiards accessories at the 1st Bilyar.NET Cue Bazaar! Everything and anything billiards will be on display. Name it, and it will be there! That is the honest truth! From brand new to slightly used pool cues, to used but not abused equipment – everything will be on hand for everyone and anyone!

Conceptualized and organized by none other than BDN’s Kaye Lugtu, aka SiKayeAko, the 2011 BDN Cue Bazaar will feature:

  • A 1 Hour Forum for Cuemakers by Invited Experts
  • A 1 Hour Forum for Players by Cuemakers
  • Challenges Tables – with special guest players
  • Cue Bazaar – sale / trade / buy brand new and slightly used pool cues, cue cases and billiards accessories.
  • Attendees may also join the Saturday Rack Em Up 9-Ball Tournament

Spend time with the country’s top cuemakers, your fellow pool players, and special guests and be in the know on the ins and outs of pool cues and cuemaking! Believe you me, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain at the 1st Bilyar.NET Cue Bazaar! Take that first step in creating your weapon of choice – your very own custom pool cue! Be a part of history!

For more info, please call/text:
Kaye 0906 367 4633
PeeWee 0918 906 5470

"We are making history! Be a part of it! The AnitoKid!"

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