Friday, August 24, 2007

NFL Helmets and Uniform Sets for Kids!

A kid's imagination is a wonderful thing. IT IS a great source of enjoyment for them, for parents, and for just about everybody else! And to compliment a kid's creativity, Franklin Sports has come up with football uniforms that are designed to fire up any football fan's imaginativeness - even kids! Especially kids!

Franklin Sports is a leading manufacturer of youth sports equipment and apparel. The company has been in business for over five decades! Yup, five decades! And if you ask me, that's a lot of jerseys - sponsored post or not! The firm's line of clothes for our little ones are specifically tailored to suit the 4-10 year-old lifestyle. Soft double knit polyester NFL jerseys come along with their respective double knit polyester pants that feature elastic waistband and cuffs. The uniforms feature all the NFL teams, such as the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, and more! Helmets come standard! ^_^

And oh! Did you know that these beautiful football uniforms double as kids pajamas? Yeah, they do. And I kid you not!

Do check out the entire product line! It's just awesome!
Site is at!
And don't forget to buy the NFL Uniform Set Shoulder Pads.
They are just totally cool!


Beth said...

I'm going to check this out--I have a grandson who will love it!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Thanks Beth! I'm sure he will! And I kid you not!

utakGAGO said...

Just a random comment: I saw you yesterday (that's Saturday) in Moa. Hindi mo ata ako namukhaan, but anyway. :D Wala lang.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi kabayan! Sayang, sana nilapitan mo kami ng mga kids ko. I could have introduced you to my family. My apologies kung di kita nakilala ha. Was there to claim my prize and all. Am planning to buy a new laptop rin kasi.

utakGAGO said...

:p It's okay! Hindi rin naman kita nalapitan dahil nakakahiya.

Oh, and congrats! Kakabasa ko lang sa post mo about the trip for two to Kuala Lumpur!!!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Utakgago: Much thanks for the congratulatory note, kabayan! My apologies my friend kung di kita nakilala ha. It would have been a blast kung naipakilala kita sa family ko. And I kid you not!

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