Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the wii-kids

team omerta's first dips
with the

The position and motion tracking capabilities of the Wiimote allow players to mimic actual game actions, bringing a sense of novelty and excitement similar to those I had with my electronic toys of long ago, e.g., Pong, Atari, Game-n-Watch, Commodore 64, and Family Computer. I kid you not when I say that I had so much fun playing Wii Sports, especially tennis. Learning how to use the Wiimote for this game (or any other game in Wii-Sports) was child's play and I never encountered any difficulty with the on-screen instructions. Look ma! I could do backhands and forehands with just a flick of my wrist. A 100 mph serve? Yup! It is possible. A perfectly-timed push on Button B during the serve does the trick. Everything is included in the package - smash, slice, and all things nice! Boxing is another fave pick! Connecting the Wiimote with the Nunchuk transforms it to a pair of boxing gloves! Turn your opponents into smitherins as jabs, hooks, rabbit and kidney punches, and upper cuts are the orders of the day. And being able to do a Manny Pacquiao impersonation made the game even more fun. Yeah, my right arm did get sore! But I attributed that to my lack of an exercise regimen, a situation I plan to rectify soon with the Wii by my side and a well-balanced diet (cough cough cough).

The novelty of the Wii's gameplay heralds a new era of gaming, making it a popular choice among consumers (COUNT ME IN!). Its clear run against other gaming consoles in the last holiday season should continue this year. And without further ado, here are pics of some of the fun we had with the Wii. Go on! Play like a pro!

rick: and you guys think you're good eh

why don't you try this one on for size

sit back, relax and put on your head gear
because the wii is here

dox: good golly, miss molly...i'm first...wow

dax: better brace myself...i'm up against eric terrific
eric: this requires more brain power than i had thought

eric:from head to my toes, teach me again rick
dax: and heaven knows where it will end
rick: ok eric, let's dance

dax: let me show you how, my young apprentice

dax (how the hell did he strap the wii-mote all by himself)

the wii's official spokesperson
glamorous! fabulous! vivacious!
2007's ms. trendsetter

mike: you bet i'm going to whip his ass
dexter (customizing his controls for that personalized gameplay)

mike and his "i'm mr. competitive" look
dexter: this is nothing...it's simply 3x+y

mike: after reading hundreds of blogs on the wii, i should win this thing
dexter: it's all in the analysis, my dear watson

wii - a toy for the big boys

the anitokid doing a 100 mph serve (talaga lang ha)
(the camera failed to capture the very fast movement of the arm...talaga lang ulit)

anitokid and carlo: the wii-mote...our new best friend

history made!
the first pic of wii tennis
on a wall

such a slim waistline!
the anitokid lost 20 pounds after playing for 10 minutes
(cough cough cough)
(mr. body beautiful kuno)

another first!
first pic of the wii...
as a snack!
crisiel's first taste of the wii...and i kid you not!

ary and crisiel doing the jiggle jiggle jiggle, the cat and the fiddle move

dondon: so this is the wii huh
richard: ya...mumble mumble

the thomson twins' first crack

shake! body body dancer! shake! body body dancer!

anna holding the wii-mote with a tender touch

richard: how to work up a spell using the wii-mote

cha: ready....

cha: aim...

cha: pooof!
richard: still working a spell

kim: wii-ing ala statue dance
dondon: poised na poised maglaro

kim: shucks!

mana: girl na girl humawak ng wiimote

kris...the day's best dressed wii player
ubo ubo ubo
(love the belt girl)
sam: i'm in la-la land

sam (boris becker ang dating!)

jimmy connors and john mcenroe...indeed

how to serve...simultaneously

dundee and karlo: where did the ball go?

how to watch wii games
richard caught with his hand inside the cookie jar

amy: lemme see how this works...aha...hu-hmmm
shen: this is giving me a headache

shen: steady now...

don't ya wanna dance, say you wanna dance la la la la
oh i wanna dance with somebody
i wanna feel the heat with somebody

shen: nakakagigil!

kalmado na ako...TOTOO

wii baseball
the pitcher and the batter
you taught me well rick; i know all your tricks
not everything

ricky: try hitting this
rick: ha ha...pitch it good birthday boy

damn! i lost!

all my wii hours in NY finally paid off

eric and trina - together...again

trina came prepared...
in fairness, maganda suot niya ha
girl na girl

eric and trina - such a lovely couple

trina: a rico mambo a rico mambo yeah!

video hottie boy is first dips with wii-boxing
(tiger look)

- o -

A child reminds us that
is an essential part
of our daily routine.



Anonymous said...

kulang pa ng captions! hehe si mama shen super gigil sa wii!

3x + y said...

Gosh, this is certainly the most comprehensive coverage of history. The Wii landing in Manila!!! Tested by the experts! Certified safe and effective! Kills stress in no time!


Anonymous said...

Thomson twins ka jan!

It's always a runout at The Runout TV!