Thursday, May 31, 2007

LiveScribe Smartpen - Jot down notes with audio notes!

What if a plain sheet of paper became a computer screen?
Turn your paper on!
This is the future of pen and paper!

The Livescribe Smartpen - The holy grail of pen-driven computing

From Gizmodo:

  • The pen can link audio recordings that you make as you jot written notes to the actual text you're writing.
  • The pen does a number of other cool stuff, e.g., math and translation.
  • All can later be indexed on a PC and played back on the computer. Or by clicking on the notepad. Thus, you can view search by keyword. Email your written & audio notes to your classmates or study group.
  • Completely useful for bloggers, students, journalists, lawyers, etc. - people who take a lot of notes.
This is one cool pen from LiveScribe! Indeed, it is connecting the paper world to the digital world. One can click on the paper, and the whole audio segment plays itself back. The pen will store an hour of audio - ideal for those blog notes. Now, you can listen to your class lecture by just tapping on your handwritten notes! Anytime! Anywhere! But what about the special paper? The product will require ongoing purchase of special paper coated with microdots that make the Smartpen work. Prices are comparable to standard paper products! But here's another cool thing about it - one can actually print out the templates on any laser printer or inkjets. Now, that is a nifty feature for my money!

By the way, the pen's software development kit is open! Thus, both geeks and nerds can write their own applications on top of the ones they can purchase. Coolness!

The LiveScribe Smartpen will change the way
you learn and communicate.
And I kid you not!


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Philippine politics according to Political Pinoy

An interesting read from Political Pinoy on Philippine politics,
with emphasis on the real reason why so many fight it out
to become a senator.
Read on....

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones
to public office."


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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Look what just surfaced at Microsoft! Surface computing via Surface!

At the All Things Digital conference, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer will debut Microsoft Surface aka Project Milan, the first in a new category of surface computing products that recognizes physical objects, e.g., paintbrush, cellular phones, and credit cards, and allows hands-on, direct control of content, e.g., photographs, music and maps. This isn't just touch screen - it's multi-touch! Surface advances interaction with all forms of digital content via natural gestures, touch and physical objects, senses styli and objects, and connects and interacts with other devices utilizing RFID and other wireless protocols. Awesome!

From CrunchGear:
  • Direct interaction. Users can actually “grab” digital information with their hands, interacting with content by touch and gesture, without the use of a mouse or keyboard.
  • Multi-touch. Surface computing recognizes many points of contact simultaneously, not just from one finger like a typical touch-screen, but up to dozens of items at once.
  • Multi-user. The horizontal form factor makes it easy for several people to gather around surface computers together, providing a collaborative, face-to-face computing experience.
  • Object recognition. Users can place physical objects on the surface to trigger different types of digital responses, including the transfer of digital content.
It looks like Microsoft has some fight left in it. A true second wind! Surface is one hell of an exciting development! It is one slick device! A definite cool in my book! I want one!

Microsoft is initially targeting the enterprise in debuting the "interactive desk", e.g,. hotels, retail establishments, restaurants and public entertainment venues. And it should! After all, the Surface comes with a hefty $10,000 price tag. Its commercial counterpart will debut once cost issues associated with manufacturing the technology settle. Surface will be available in Harrah's Entertainment, and Starwood Casinos as well as in a number of T-Mobile outlets.

An interesting product, indeed! Microsoft has a winner here. Just imagine the potential applications of Surface as a point of sale device! Advertising! Marketing! Simply staggering! From the military to the airline industry to retail trade! The totally new kind of experience that is being touted by MSFT for its technology will herald in a new way of how companies conduct their business. And not only that! If the interactive desk does live to its promises, it will up the playing field a notch higher and will transform the way people live their lives, i.e., shopping, eating and dining, and having fun!

Wait! Those are commercial applications - what about personal apps? Aren't they important too? You can bet your bottom dollar that they are! Surface's novelty is its surface computing feature (hmmm, a pun!) that allows users to effortlessly interact with content by touch and gesture - and up to dozens of items simultaneously! This will create a new niche in the video game industry, i.e., "real-feel" puzzle games and RPGs that allow players to input virtual commands with their hands or cast spells and make weapons using their fingers and fingertips.

On a very personal and selfish note, dig this! I'd love to see the day that Surface integrates a new and exciting blogging platform with a "real-time, interactive drag-and-drop" interface, which will allow bloggers to tailor their blog like they never did before!. Sizing of pictures and customization of layouts will never be the same! Now, this is one facet of blogging where no blogger has blogged before!

But can such device be family oriented, e.g., just like Nintendo's Wii? Well, why do you think Microsoft made Surface as a 30-inch display in table-like form? From what I've seen on the video clips, the interactive desk's horizontal design allows members of the family (or several people) to interact independently or simultaneously in a way that is much like in the real world! What can be more family-oriented than teaching your kids their ABCs and numbers? Such an enjoyable and engaging interactive experience will entice kids to learn, create, share, and explore in a unique, yet entertaining and very fun, sort of way!

Indeed, Microsoft has never been known for family-themed products. And it decides to debut Surface at the All Things Digital Conference, where Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will both be present (for the first time) in an unscripted and informal gathering of the tech world's hot shots?! With neither hype nor fanfare? So, what gives? It looks like Microsoft is planning to steal some thunder from its competitors on different fronts, i.e., Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone and Apple TV, and Nintendo's Wii. Genius!

In light of this, is Microsoft a great investment opportunity? IF they play their cards right on this one, IT IS. MSFT's stocks will ride high on Surface if the boys from Redmond do not foul up on the enterprise level and they successfully integrate the technology in a relatively inexpensive consumer device. And when they do, Gates and Ballmer will earn an embarrassingly amount of money, both for their stakeholders and themselves. And I kid you not!


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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

M&M's dark chocolates! A new favorite!

Dark chocolate M&M's are now available!

And as the world's number one fan of dark chocolatey goodness,
I can't wait for their release in the motherland!

So many to choose from, so little time, ma!
  • dark chocolate
  • peanut
  • milk chocolate
  • peanut butter
  • almond
  • mini's
  • mega melt
  • mega peanut
  • baking bits
melts in your mouth, not in your hands
Devilishly delicious. - And I kid you not!


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Monday, May 28, 2007

Manny Pacquiao's campaigners win Da Daily Donkey award

Da Daily Donkey

- to have the courage of one's conviction -

Da Daily Donkey Award goes to the campaigners of the People's Champion, Manny Pacquiao, who "deserted him at the last minute" in his bid for South Cotabato’s first district congressional seat.

From GMANews.TV's Pacquiao on poll knockout: My men deserted me:
  • In an article by Manny Piñol posted Sunday on, the author bared Pacquiao had admitted the boxing superstar trusted too many people around him and did not know some of them would turn into Benedict Arnolds.

  • "They (campaigners) deserted me at the last minute," Piñol quoted Pacquiao as saying.

  • Piñol, a former sports journalist, a boxing critic, and winner in the vice-gubernatorial post of North Cotabato, said: "Just as the elections neared, these DPOs (deep penetration operators) stabbed Manny in the back and ran off with his campaign funds leaving the campaign apparatus crumbling."

  • Piñol said that Pacquiao's defeat in politics is welcome news to many boxing fans. He said they "are actually relieved that at least for now, the boxing icon can really concentrate on where he is best -- boxing."

  • "With a few years remaining before he turns 30, Manny must now pick quality fights, save his money and prepare for retirement. The squandering of money on gambling must stop," the author said.

  • Pacquiao, who spoke on radio before the proclamation, welcomed the results of the elections. He urged the winning candidates to keep their campaign promises and work hard to help alleviate the poor conditions of local residents.

Rumors have it that Manny spent at least Php100 million pesos in his campaign. A painful lesson for Manny? Yes, it is. A blow to one's pride? Maybe. A fall from grace? No. The Anitokid sincerely believes that the People's Champion was in his right mind when he decided to run for Congress. He declared his principles openly, regardless of the danger to himself, his family, or to his reputation. All he wanted to do was to help the people, and he honestly felt he could do that more effectively and efficiently as a member of the Philippine Congress. The AnitoKid admires him for having the courage of one's conviction. And like it or not, Manny is generous to a fault; Manny's love for the people is so great that there will always be snakes (with all their kissy-kissy affection) around him waiting for that opportune moment to take advantage of him. And I kid you not!

The so-called defeat will be a saving grace for the Pacman - an avenue for him to see things in their proper perspective and fine-tune his ability to listen to reason without being influenced by his emotions. And as he welcomes the results and urges the winning candidates to keep their promises, his true character continues to shine - Manny is all heart and is equally gracious in both victory and defeat. Manny is indeed the People's Champion! Mabuhay ka Manny!


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The AnitoKid is ranked 99 among the world's Pinoy bloggers! Puwede!

A nice surprise from
The AnitoKid as the day's biggest day-to-day rank winner!

and enters the Top 100!
After 188 days of blogging fun
the AnitoKid is ranked 99!

Talk about luck! And I kid you not!


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The AdesClrPicker color picker - An interesting tool

Saw this interesting read on Adesblog about a color picker called AdesClrPicker. Apparently, with the AdesClrPicker, one can capture colors the way they do using Photoshop, with one obvious difference - speed! The AdesClrPicker is one powerful and fast color picker application designed with Web Designers and Web Developers in mind. The software permits the capture of colors anywhere on screen via a single click of the mouse! That's right! Just one click! And get this, its Color Library feature allows the storage, changing, and conversion of colors. Now, that one cool feature!

Wait! There's more! Users are given the option to access the last 10 captured colors, which can be displayed in a floating menu (this one is draggable, thus easy positioning). Wow! Here is the AdesClrPicker's full features for details.

Oh, system requirements? Yeah, they are at a minimum: Windows PII and above and 128 MB memory above. Pretty neat, huh?


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The working environments at Google and Meetup

Found this humorous post on
working at Google vs. working at Meetup.
Laugh trip! And I kid you not!


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Idiomatic expressions (idioms) - Express yourself. Be the devil's advocate!

Found an interesting comment on Da Daily Donkey post:
  • "Alam mo ba na ang donkey ay isa katangi-tanging hayop. Sabagay, pwedeng hayop at katangi-tangi ang ginawaran mo ng parangal. My suggestion ako, magnominate tau at pagbotohan natin..... Siyempre, fuel na din ang blog pag bumoto..... Hehehehehe!!!!! Great post! - Anonymous"
Much thanks for the great comment! Simply put, the AnitoKid likes idiomatic expressions (idioms)! No! No! No! He loves them! And here is his spin on the money. Enjoy!

An idiom is a combination of words with a special meaning that cannot be inferred from its separate parts. It is an absorbing interest to both foreign and native speakers of the English language. The English language is rich in idioms, and persons with only a superficial knowledge of English idioms will find themselves, more often than not, at a serious disadvantage in their reading, and even more so when they partake in discussions, friendly banters, and debates.

With regards to the first "Da Daily Donkey" award, let us expound on the donkey itself. Indeed, the donkey is one extraordinary animal! And it puzzles me why the ass has always been correlated with stupidity and foolishness in idiomatic expressions. Why? Why? Why? My guess is as good as yours. Here are some examples:
  • to make an ass of oneself - to behave in a ridiculous manner
  • as stubborn as a mule - one who is unwilling to yield or make any concessions in a dispute
  • as obstinate as a donkey - unwilling to listen to reason or change one's mind
  • to talk the hind leg off a donkey - to talk endlessly
  • donkey-work - the hard, boring part of a job; that which requires little or no intelligence
  • a jackass - a stupid person; a fool.
Our "Da Daily Donkey" award
tries to separate the sheep from the goats,
distinguish the good from the bad, the virtuous from the wicked,
the beauty from the beast, the saints from the sinners,
in a catty, yet meek as a lamb, sort of way.

Express yourself. Be the devil's advocate.
And I kid you not!


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