Tuesday, November 28, 2006

twas really fun...

newkids of may-k

carlo: what happened to my seat?

ryan: have to smile...have to
ary: put your head on my shoulders...hold me in your arms, baby...la la la la
mike: cige na nga!

mike: i didn't take the cookie! honest!
ary: maybe I did (...you really have to love mike's shoulders)

chris: looka my pearly whites
dex: huh? what pearly whites?

ary: i feel dizzy, chrisi
chris: later, can't you see we're on camera

rick: i smell something burning
chris: check your hair dude

group hug

ricky: you're kidding me right?

leslie: luka my hand ma
ryan: where am i?

eric: how on earth can i do a thousand blogs in a day?
rick: beats me. ain't gonna help you on that one
(is this supposed to be a stolen shot?)

dax: i think i'm alone now...nuninuni nuninuni nuninuni

mike: hey camera guy, don't you have enough pics of me already?
dex: i can't see! where did everybody go?

rick: i need to take a leak, pronto!
ricky: hold on to your horses...they're still taking our pic

rick: and as i was saying...i'm not paying the bill

carlo: damn it! somebody farted!
leslie: it wasn't me!
ryan: (hope the guys didn't notice; have to pretend that everything is cool)

ricky: and if we are going to rule the world....
carlo: someone's gonna take my pic...finally....hubba hubba

together again
dex: she's like a sister to me
chris: (darn!) cge na nga, he's like a brother to me

ric: everybody, this is chris
chris: hmp. hi guys

leslie: ryan's favorite sport? that's easy...sitting with his legs crossed
ryan: (am not actually listening to rick anymore...got distracted by this hot chick)

eric & dax: and we're the tag team champions of the world! woooooh!

eric & dax: pen-pen de-sa-ra-pen, de kutsilyo-de-al-ma-sen

eric: this is me before drinking my 20th glass of vodka

eric: after drinking my 20th glass of vodka...man, I feel like i'm on fire!

eric: i'm one hot tamale!
i am just a gigolo! don't go home without me

eric: that's the way i like, i like, i like it...tra la la la

eric: walang himala!

smiling contest

rick: strike a pose? there's nothing to it...

Monday, November 27, 2006

twas fun...

Rick had a chance to visit us here in Manila. He arrived on the 18th and spent a week with us...

Here is a picture-essay on some of the fun we had

ricky: YUP! I know the way guys...trust me, i know what i'm doing.
(how not to drive in manila and still get to your destination...safely)

it's our first time to ride in a van!!! exciting!
with regards to their smiles....
(dax: he is really smiling) (cris: just pretending to smile) (ary: trying his darndest best to smile) (carlo: now, why is everybody smiling?)

we're not done yet...tsk tsk tsk


mike: i told you not to wear that shirt! now, i'm really mad! am gonna hurt you man...
ary: not if i can help it...watch this....DARNA!

sesame street song: one of these things is not like the other...
which one is different...do you know??? tra-la-la-la

rick: really dex? you laced eric's drinks?
dex: ya! ha ha. i hope nobody saw me.

eric: 10 vodkas! i'm a happy man! life is good!
dax: there goes the neighborhood!

eric: i love this guy! (14 vodkas later)
rick: now now eric. easy big fella!

up close and personal in doing the rain dance...yee-haa!
(look at our beady beady eyes)

how not to play the ouija board (spirit of the glass)

batista, triple H, randy orton, and rick flair

carlo: burn him mike! he he
leslie: better cooperate mike
mike: now, that's a good boy
ryan: what did i do to deserve this? I'M INNOCENT!

(guy and pip; second time around)
ary: i'm stoned...
cris: i hope he makes his move tonight...

dex: i am definitely making my move before ary does...mommy!
chris: hmmm. what is this thing?
(notice the empty plate)

rick: clap your hands everybody...everybody clap your hands.
and wave your hands like you just don't care...na na na na na
eric: what happened ma? (18 vodkas later)
ary: i'm definitely stoned!
chris: who's wallet is this? better take out a few bills for myself....nyak nyak nyak
leslie: (laughing but still hungry)

dex: my colleague, my teammate, my pal, my new best friend, ary
ary: really? nuninuni nuninuni nuninuni

alright, let's groove tonight!
share the spice of life! hu-hum hu-hum
(20 vodkas and 2 bottles of beer later)
leslie and ryan: what the hell is he doing?
dax: is this heaven? if it is, i don't wanna leave
carlo: hmmm, he's a cool dude after all

rick: what! P9500!! i aint even drunk yet!
chris: please rick, i want to order some more
rick: nah, you had enough, my young apprentice
mike: yes, rick, please. just one more for the road...
carlo: there's still an extra bottle of san mig light on the table
...and it has my name on it

ary: i'm going to the john...

Monday, November 20, 2006

the start of something big

For 14 years, the ANiTOKiD has given his all in his career. He has been an information analyst, indexer, and editor at IAC Corp., positions requiring a superior grasp of the English language, excellent communication skills, and very good writing skills.

He holds the records for the most number of work done in a day, week, month, and year in every project he was assigned to, e.g., Ebsco Publishing, Information Access, Derwent EI, RDS, KnowPeople, and the American Petroleum Institute. As one of his superiors put it, "The ANiTOKiD represents the cream of our abstracting/indexing/editing group." "He is the best thing that has ever happened to this company!"

He is the incumbent secretary of the Makati Cinema Square Association Billiards Club at the AMF-Puyat, Superbowl, a position he has hold for several years. He has reached the pinnacle of success in the sport by placing and winning at tournaments and being a tirador (someone who is managed financially to play pool and win). The ANiTOKiD is known as CHAMP in billiard circles, just like his idol, The Magician, Efren "Bata" Reyes. He is equally gracious in victory and defeat.

The ANiTOKiD is also into photography. He has consistently placed first in all the competitions during his high school days at Marist School. His favorite medium is black and white, and his theme is about the different facets of life. He is also an avid stamp collector, a hobby he started when he was just in grade school; his collection now runs into the thousands.

He is very much blessed with four beautiful children; twins Levin Diosdado and Kevin Francis, and daughters Maria Agatha and Maria Patricia. Dado and Kiko are very good at playing chess. There was one time that Kiko beat his teacher with a 7-0 score! Agi is Daddy's little girl. She writes her dad notes and letters at least twice a week! Agi is currently a scholar at Our Lady of the Lake School, where she won the school's beauty and brains pageant in her first try! She is also a pingpong champion, 1st runner-up in badminton, and an active member of the student council. Patis, the youngest of them all, tries to emulate her Ate in every way she can. She idolizes her ate and is very loving to her other siblings.

The ANiTOKiD is impossible to dislike. He says so little and let his actions do the talking. He smiles mostly with his eyes and never complains; he epitomizes the true meaning of the word "pakikisama".

Stick with the ANiTOKiD...he will take you places!!!

It's always a runout at The Runout TV!