Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rubilen Amit & Gillian Go: History Made at Women's World 10 Ball Championship!

Bingkay and Gillian, my friends on and off the pool world, you did good! Truth be told, you amazed each and every fan of the cue sport with what you just accomplished! Simply put, ‘twas historical!

Gillian – you are now in the books - the youngest qualifier ever in a world championship - at 11 years old! The Darling of the Crowd, you broke into the single-elimination round with flair - winning two of your last two matches on the last day of the eliminations to enter the next round! Moreover, you stood stall by being in the upper half of the board at the end of the tour! Awesome feat!

Bingkay – you just made history! Do you realize what you have just done, pamangkin? You are now the 1st women’s World 10-Ball champion! But more importantly, YOU ARE the 1st Filipina world champion! That is absolute coolness in my book! That is IMMORTALITY!

Gillian Go GraphicI remember your parents, Gillian, initially hesitant pang sumali sa event. I told em, do it – it’s a world championship! Please do it for experience. Do it for her (Gillian). For her own good – this will serve her well in the future. And look! You made us all proud! Proud to be pool players! Proud to be Pinoy! Bingkay, I remember the anxieties before the tour. As if a whisper, you uttered, “Tito, sana manalo.” I replied, “Have fun. Take one game at a time. And pray. If anyone can do it, ikaw yun! Home court tayo, iha!”

Both of you may not know it nor feel such, but you are now pool's newest sensations! With so many front page stories on the sports section of our local dailies, as well as countless interviews on television, every man, woman, and child will dream of becoming like you! Every family would want to have daughters like you! And that is the honest truth!

Both of you represented us all, e.g., BDN, EPT, MAPPA, and more! You represented your family. And both of you did it for yourself, too. But most of all, both of you represented the best of Philippine pool! And to do it with class and style!

Bingkay – you are now on top of the world! You are now a world champion! Gillian - believe you me, as I have told your Dad and Mom, you will become champion someday. Both of you have it in you to become great champions! I know I’ve said it before, but please allow me to say it again, both of you have it in you to be the greatest of them all, my friends!

Just continue your love for the game and the passion to win! Most importantly, continue to walk with your head up high but with both feet on the ground. Study the game well – treating it as an everyday lesson. Always play well. And have fun doing so!

Again, many thanks to both of you, to your respective moms and dads, and to your coach and my good friend, Edgard “Boyet” Asonto, for accomplishing the historic feats! I will never forget! WE WILL NEVER FORGET – EVER! Galing! And I kid you not!

"Always historic firsts with The AnitoKid!"

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