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Daryl Peach Wins the 2007 World Pool Championship!

Roberto Gomez vs. Daryl Peach ImageHere is a rack-by-rack account of the 2007 World Pool Finals match between Filipino pool player Roberto Gomez and England's Daryl Peach at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City. It’s Superman vs. The Dazzler, with Michaela Tabb as referee! We are definitely in for a treat! And I kid you not!

Pre-match highlights

Daryl Peach, aka the Dazzler, is the first player to be introduced to the crowd. The Dazzler ended the hopes of Ronnie Alcano (2006 World Pool Champion) and my good friend, Francisco Django Bustamante. A small crowd of English fans cheers him on and waves an England flag.

The noise is deafening as Filipino cue artist Roberto Gomez, aka Superman, enters! The pressure on the kid from Zamboanga City is unbelievable! He is now carrying the whole nation's hope of securing a back-to-back win in the most prestigious and most exciting pool tournament there is - The World Pool Championship!

Gomez wins the lag and will break first. A good sign of things to come? Hopefully! Good luck Superman!

Rack One: Gomez 0-1 Peach

World Pool Championship organizers changed the TV table to eliminate the soft break, which led to predictable and boring matches. Both Roberto Gomez and Daryl Peach were told of the change before the match. Both players agreed.

Gomez changes the way he breaks. He misses the 7-ball but leaves it hanging over the top right pocket. The man from Blackpool takes advantage and takes first blood.

Rack Two: Gomez 0-2 Peach
Peach also breaks hard. He runs out the rack for a 2-0 lead.

Rack Three: Gomez 1-2 Peach
An unforced error saw Daryl Peach leaving the 2-ball hanging in the bottom corner pocket. The crowd cheers! And cheered even more as Gomez snatches his first rack of the match! Now, this is what being a home crowd really means! The Dazzler isn’t just playing against Roberto Gomez – he is playing against a whole nation!

Rack Four: Gomez 2-2 Peach
Roberto Gomez opts for a push out, which Daryl Peach declined. The match continues until Peach fails to pocket the 4-ball. The Filipino Pool player makes a jump shot on the 6 but misses on the 7. The Englishman also misses on the 7. Gomez finally bags the 9-ball for the tie. He is showing emotions, emotions that I didn't see yesterday – or weren’t evident.

Rack Five: Gomez 2-3 Peach
The woman in the middle of it all, referee Michaela Tabb, urges the crowd to stop cheering when Daryl Peach misses a shot. Tabb issues a reminder on good behavior. Suddenly, there is silence. Then everyone is all smiles! The Englishman, Daryl Peach, takes the lead again.

Rack Six: Gomez 3-3 Peach
Daryl Peach breaks and three balls disappear. A push out results in a display of safeties before the Englishman misses on the 2. Wow! Roberto Gomez appears nervous. I don't think he is as relaxed as yesterday's game. And it is understandable. Superman takes the rack for a 3-3 tie.

Rack Seven: Gomez 3-4 Peach
A miss by the Filipino pool sensation has everyone see Peach go back to the table. The visiting Englishman regains the lead - his third time to do so.

Rack Eight: Gomez 3-5 Peach
Daryl Peach looks poised and reserved. It's as if this is nothing new to him - just another match, just another day. Roberto Gomez, on the other hand looks a bit shaky. It’s completely understandable for the darling of the crowd. Peach easily cleans up the rack for a 2-game lead over the Filipino pool player.

Rack Nine: Gomez 3-6 Peach
The pool player from Blackpool negotiates a positioning proble
m involving the 1- and 2-balls. Peach advances for a three game advantage over Roberto Gomez.

Rack Ten: Gomez 3-7 Peach
Peach opts for a push out. Roberto Gomez fails to capitalize and leaves the 2-ball hanging. Peach finishes the rack for a 4 game lead.

Rack 11: Gomez 3-8 Peach

Daryl Peach downs 3 balls on the break but leaves the 2 ball for Roberto Gomez. The Filipino cue artist tries his best to run out the rack but misses on the 8. Peach finishes the game for a 5-0 run.

Rack 12: Gomez 4-8 Peach
The white disappears after being hit by the 8-ball. The crowd cheers and applauds Peach's errors! This seems to work as Gomez wins his first rack in six! Go Gomez!

Rack 13: Gomez 5-8 Peach
Roberto Gomez looks far more composed now. Gomez stuns the crowd with a 1-6-7 combination, which was then followed by a 1-6 carom! Oh boy! We are in for a treat! The crowd's chant seems to be the elixir of life for Gomez! The excitement and drama unfolds! Gomez closes in at 5-8!

Rack 14: Gomez 6-8 Peach

An amazing behind-the-back shot on the 5-ball has the crowd wanting for more! Indeed, as one fan shouted, "IT IS SHOW TIME!" Roberto Gomez is showing nerves of steel now!

Rack 15: Gomez 7-8 Peach
It's a run out for the Superman, Filipino pool player Roberto Gomez, who cuts the Dazzler’s lead to just 1 rack!

Rack 16: Gomez 8-8 Peach
Roberto Gomez is on a roll! He ties Daryl Peach at 8-8! The crowd is ecstatic! Everyone is cheering for the young Filipino! The nation is one again as Gomez battles it out for the championship! Pak-syet! Words to describe the excitement I'm feeling right fall short! It's billiards at its finest! Yee-haa!

Rack 17: Gomez 9-8 Peach
And for the first time in the Finals, Filipino pool ace Roberto Gomez takes the lead at 9-8! His run of the rack further boosts the level of energy and excitement at the Araneta Coliseum! Gomez! Gomez! Gomez!

Rack 18: Gomez 9-9 Peach
Gomez breaks! He sinks the 1-ball but scratches after the cue ball was kicked by the 7. Daryl Peach finishes out the rack to tie the score!

Rack 19: Gomez 9-10 Peach
A safety from Daryl Peach left Roberto Gomez with a difficult shot on the 2-ball. The efforts of Gomez to score a clean shot had Peach on an easy picking. Peach regains the lead at 10-9.

Rack 20: Gomez 9-11 Peach
Peach pockets 3 balls off the break. A safety from Peach forced an error from Roberto Gomez. Peach widens his lead to two racks at 11-9.

Rack 21: Gomez 10-11 Peach

Roberto Gomez narrows down the lead being enjoyed by Daryl Peach’s who played a safety in this rack. Gomez summons all his might to win and to trail by just 1 game!

Rack 22: Gomez 10-12 Peach

Daryl Peach regains a two-rack lead after a safety from Roberto Gomez failed to materialize properly.

Rack 23: Gomez 11-12 Peach

Daryl Peach misses on a reverse cut on the 5-ball. Roberto Gomez easily finishes out the rack after Peach’s unforced error. Gomez cuts down the lead to just 1 rack.

R24 Gomez 12-12 Peach

Roberto Gomez breaks and opts for a push out. Daryl Peach successfully jumps the shot. Again, Superman shows the crowd his nerves of steel as he plays a safety that served as the catalyst for a number excellent positional play from both pool players. Gomez misses on the 4-ball on a rail shot! Peach also failed to pocket the same ball, which left hanging on the top left corner pocket! The crowd cheers!

R25 Gomez 13-12 Peach
Zamboanga City’s favorite son downs the 4-ball, which was placed into safety by Peach, via a fantastic shot that saw the white hitting two rails and the object ball banking off a rail before going into the upper left corner pocket! Superman flies away at 13-12! It can’t get any better than this!

R26 Gomez 14-12 Peach
But it did get better! It looked like Roberto Gomez had the perfect run out but a miss on the last ball stuns the crowd! It stunned me! Daryl Peach returns the table as referee Michaela Tabb raises her right hand and asks everyone for silence. Peach misses! Yee-haa! Superman returns to his home planet, the billiards table, and finally bags the 9-ball via a thin cut for a commanding 2-rack lead over the Dazzler! Three more games to go the Championship for Gomez!

R27 Gomez 15-12 Peach
Roberto Gomez breaks and sinks a ball! He runs out the rack for a 15-12 score! We are only two racks away from glory! Isa na lang, puro na!

R28 Gomez 15-13 Peach
Roberto Gomez downs a wing ball on the break! Gomez goes for a safety on a difficult 1-ball. The Dazzler fails a bank shot on the 1-ball. Another safety shot from Gomez! Daryl Peach sees a thin cut on the 1-ball but fails to properly deliver another safety which has the crowd laughing! Superman goes for another fantastic safety! Parang lock! But Daryl counters via a world-class safety of his own! Grabe! More fantastic safeties! There’s even a jump shot from Gomez, who is now very much poised! The atmosphere is tense! The crowd appreciates an excellent counter by Daryl Peach, which forced a foul from the native of Zamboanga City.

R29 Gomez 15-14 Peach
Daryl Peach runs out this rack. His focus is intense. He truly is a world class player. The crowd appreciates his cue ball prowess. Trails Roberto Gomez by just one rack.

R30 Gomez 15-15 Peach
Daryl Peach breaks and downs 3 balls. A double kiss on the 2-ball has Roberto Gomez back on the table. Three options for Gomez, i.e., a counter safety, a thin cut for the corner pocket, or a long bank shot. He plays a safety. The Dazzler from England pockets the 2-ball. The Dazzler makes a comeback and ties the game at 15 all! It’s a race to 2 from now!

R31 Gomez 15-16 Peach

A bank shot effort on the 2-ball from Daryl Peach saw Roberto Gomez back on the table again! Superman is left with a no-problem rack. It’s a golden opportunity for Gomez! But the Filipino pool player misses on a simple shot on the 5-ball! A straight shot on the 8-ball for the upper corner pocket leaves the white dead straight on a very difficult shot on the 9-ball. The Englishman tries a bank shot – and FAILS! It’s another chance for the Superman! And Roberto Gomez fails to sink the 9-ball! IT’S TOP-NOTCH DRAMA! THE PRESSURE IS UNBELIEAVABLE! Daryl Peach is on the hill! He will be breaking for the championship!

R32 Gomez 15-17 Peach
This has been one classic match! Daryl Peach, aka The Dazzler, is going to break for the championship. It’s the first time a qualifier has played in the World Pool Championship Finals! Peach carefully prepares the cue ball for the break. It's the first time that the Dazzler's leg goes up during a break. Wing ball down. Peach plays a safety. The heat is on as Roberto Gomez plays a counter safety with full cover! Daryl Peach shows true class with a safety on Gomez's counter! Gomez tries a rail shot. Daryl Peach finally bags the object ball and has six balls left on the table. The crowd shows its appreciation for the Englishman's cue-ball control prowess and claps their hands! The Dazzler wins the 2007 World Pool Championship! Congratulations Daryl! And congratulations to our kababayan, Roberto Gomez, for giving his all! Mabuhay!

Daryl Peach Graphic

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"'Twas one exciting championship with The AnitoKid."

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Anonymous said...

That was a neck to neck match! Congrats to the players and mabuhay to Roberto Gomez for bringing the flag of the Philippines in the finals! :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Indeed, it was! It was a match characterized by both players' will to win! Of course, we could tell their nervousness and all, but hey, it's the Finals of the greatest show in the pool world!


Cha said...

i really can't bear the suspense while watching the match. i can't even look at the tv during the 31st rack 9th ball shot argh!!! was really a great game and it was nice to see that though Gomez has home court advantage, the Filipinos did not fail to appreciate the prowess of the foreign player Peach. it really shows our love for the sport.

Anonymous said...

right from the start I sensed that gomez was not in his element as he bungled an early shot in the opening game. it was not the roberto gomez that we have witnessed the past eight days. his previous results were astonishing, drubbing his more experienced opponents to the amazement of pool aficionados who trooped the araneta coliseum for the event. his aggressive display of brilliant cue artistry has even earned him the tag “superman”. but lex luthor look-alike peach, with his clean shaven head, was victorious this time. he he.

THE ANiTOKiD said...


Indeed, the match was full of it! Gomez really gave his all in the match. Imagine the pressure he's been through! Grabe! Amidst his misses, Superman really played good. And I kid you not!


THE ANiTOKiD said...


Superman even left his lucky chalk. It was the billiard chalk that he used since the start of the tour. He is still young and all, there will be plenty of opportunities for him in the future.

And people tell me, this kid is generous and kind in real life. He will have his chance again. And I kid you not!


NurseJake said...

Thanks for the mention kabayan!

Truly, the superman has still room to grow and with his age and style of play, its not very hard to imagine.


THE ANiTOKiD said...


It's my pleasure, kabayan! Anytime! And I kid you not!


THE ANiTOKiD said...


It's my pleasure, kabayan! Anytime! And I kid you not!


Anonymous said...

Kabayan! nakakainis! dapat hnd natalo si gomez e! napressure sya sobra tapos umiyak! ayan nawala tuloty composure niya! sayang! pero dapat sya champion! luto naman ung pagkapanalo ni peach k Django e! Question lang kabayan, totoo ba yung balita na hindi ka sumali dun sa championship kasi naawa ka sa mga kalaban mo na baka mapahiya?

THE ANiTOKiD said...


The pressure was so great, kabayan. Gomez is still young, he'll go far if he keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground. Mabait yung bata, he is just 29 years old. He will have another shot at it, believe me.

With regards to your question, my friend, rumors lang yun. There's also a rumor that i tried to qualify too. And nearly did! Am I kidding? Or not? Hmmmm.


B&B Blackpool said...

Pool is strictly a pub game here in the UK. Still well supported albeit as a casual pursuit.

That said some persons take it really seriously and are very good at the game.

Snooker is the big money over here.

It's always a runout at The Runout TV!