Saturday, August 18, 2007

Manny Pacquiao is All Over the News!

Manny Pacquiao aka Pacman has been in the news lately. And why not? Manny will headline one of the year's exciting matches when he goes up against none other than Marco Antonio Barrera in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 6, 2007. A lot of interesting views and thoughts have surfaced in light of Manny Paquiao's upcoming fight. These include:

  • - Trainer Freddie Roach said he expects Manny Pacquiao to log in a total of 130 to 150 rounds of sparring against Mexican fighters for his Oct. 6 rematch with Marco Antonio Barrera in Las Vegas.
  • - Roach has decided to declare the gym off-limits to fans from Monday to Friday to give Pacquiao more time to concentrate. The crowd that showed up at the gym last Thursday was just unbelievable.

  • - “Hindi namin mapigil ang tao (We can’t control the crowd). Iba talaga si Manny (Manny is truly different),” said Salud, the owner of the gym, and a close friend of Pacquiao’s.

  • - "Pacquiao has the style that complicates things for Barrera. He is fast, elusive and left-handed."

  • - Beristain's protege, WBC super featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez, is hoping to land a rematch with Pacquiao after he takes care of Rocky Juarez on Sept. 15 at the MGM Grand.

  • - "I think that was a five-kilometer stretch but I felt I ran for 10 kilometers because of the uphill climb," said Pacquiao.
  • - In a related development, representatives of giant cable television company Home Box Office (HBO) will be arriving next week to cover Pacquiao's training. "I think they're going to make a 24/7 coverage like what they did to one of the fights of Bernard Hopkins," said Roach.Salud, Pacquiao's close associate, welcomed the news, saying the coverage "will put the Philippines, particularly Cebu, on the world map."

  • - “I’m in favor if Gerry wants to have a rematch with De Leon. I think he has what it takes to beat De Leon,” said Pacquiao, who co-manages Peñalosa with trainer Freddie Roach.

  • - Roach said Pacquiao is 65 to 75 percent ready for the fight, his first since he knocked out Jorge Solis in Texas last April.

  • - "When people count him out, he always comes back and wins and wins impressively. So I think Barrera is going to pull out a surprising victory," De La Hoya, the Golden Boy Promotions top honcho, said in a report posted on CBS'

  • - "I think Barrera is really going to be up for the fight and I think that people will be able to see a real battle, toe-to-toe. You know, a great, great fight," Arum said. "I think there's only one winner and that's Pacquiao. But Barrera has always been known to rise to the occasion when he's counted out."

  • - Pacquiao is the favorite in the rematch, the report said, but if Pacquiao fails to focus on his training, then Barrera could get his revenge.

  • - “It’s Manny himself who wants us out early. Freddie’s room is just beside Manny’s. Manny has even decided to turn off all his cellular phones the whole day. He means business,” said Joson.

You're too fast! You're too strong!

Good luck Manny!

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"Keep going well, keep going AnitoKid."

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I AM SAM said...

I know you will disagree with me, but I hope Pacman losses his next fight. Indeed he is great in the ring. But greatness constitutes more than just a boxer's fist. I have always followed Pacman's career. It is sad that he already thinks he is the best that the Philippines can offer. Perhaps its time for Pacquiao to have a reality check. As inspiring his life is, his victories will never make the Filipinos progress.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Sam, you know me well. Let us not hope for the Pacman's loss in the ring. It is not just his glory, bro. It's ours too. When he steps in the squared circle, he is not just going in there alone. We, the whole country, is with him. We all took the blows that he took, and the nation will always be there with him when he throws punches.

He represents us when he fights. He has a big heart, my friend. We can just hope and pray that he matures a bit so that he may know the good from the bad, the right from wrong, the saints from the sinners.

His victories serve as an inspiration to all our kababayans, my friend. That anyone, as in anyone, can make it in this world if they just put their heart into it! And I kid you not!

merjoem32 said...

Mann's decision to train in the Philippines is starting to worry me. He will surely deal with a lot of distractions here and he will have to travel back to the US in the middle of his training. Maybe he is underestimating Barrera after he destroyed him with ease in their first fight. I don't think that is a good for Pacquiao. He is stronger and faster than Barrera but he needs the conditioning and focus in order to ensure victory against Barrera.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Honestly, when all these developments with regards to Manny's training surfaced, I was reminded of the Rocky 3 motion picture.

Now that Manny's wishes to train here have been "granted," I just hope that he trains religiously. One cannot take for granted a veteran boxer like Barrera. It just isn't done.

grumpyurbanslacker said...

I totally agree with I AM SAM. i really really hope that Manny loses his next bout....obviously all the fame and fortune has gone into his head, and his recent bizarre behavior is proof of it.

Matalo sana siya, and sana ma-knockout siya in the first round!!
Then he will realize that all the people hanging around him are after his money lang, and once he is laos, no one will pay attention to him.

And i don't buy the argument that when he wins, he brings glory to the country and to the Filipino people. HUH??? he just brings glory to himself!! Do you think he actually fights for the glory of our country?

No, he fights for his own fame and to increase his earnings. Of course, he is entitled to do this (everyone has to earn a living somehow), but let's not romanticize it by saying its for the country.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

To call for a loss via a knock-out in the first round? I beg to differ, my kababayan. There are other ways for Manny to realize his mistakes, right?

And this could all be just a strategy on their part for the upcoming fight. Who really knows? Sila lang. It isn't a far-fetched idea, right? It has been done before, playing possum and all.

I don't know about you, Peter, but when Manny fights in the ring, I sincerely believe that he fights for the country too. He represents the millions of our people who want to make it big. When he fights, he brings hope to this nation and to the millions of its people who are in trying times.

There's a stable of boxers in one of the places i go to. Most of them are newbies. And i kid you not when I say that I have talked to them a number of times. And believe you me, they are inspired by Manny's story. Pacman's story brings hope in their lives. For them, Manny represents what they would want to be - believing that victory can also be theirs too. Somehow. Someday. "Sana kami rin. Sana kami rin." You could see hope in their eyes and you know it by the way they talk, especially after Manny fights and wins.

It's not about romanticizing anything - it is stating facts and elucidating the beliefs of our kababayans who also want to be like Manny, their idol.

Much thanks for the great thoughts, kabayan! You're views are always a welcome read. :)

I AM SAM said...

Filipinos have become enamored with Pacman's success. Perhaps we are are forgetting something important. If Pacman is really after the Philippines' glory, then why does he negotiate for purses and advertisement fees. Although it is hard to prove, but Manny is boxing for money. I am not convinced with the popular notion that Manny is a hero. I think educator teaching in far flung areas better deserve such distinction. Indeed, Pacman's exploits are the only few bright spots in our country. But it does not overshadow the reality that we are still poor despite of his triumphs. If you still think that Manny is fighting for the Filipinos, then why not ask him to fight for free? Why not give his winnings to the poor instead of his bank account? Marco Antonio Barrera was right when he said that poverty brings the best and worst out of a person. Poverty made Manny strive to become one of the best boxers. It is also poverty that will push Manny towards infamy

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi Sam! The view that the Pacman represents us comes from the perspective that Manny's success can be emulated by others. That others can also succeed in this life if they just put their heart and minds to it. That others can also become a great boxer too! Your comment reminded of the recently held World Cup of Boxing. If the outcome was the other way around, what do you think our kababayans would feel? What would you feel?

Manny is first and foremost a boxer. What he does with his earnings is his business. As everyone else with regards to their money. We have all heard stories about him giving something back to the community. He is generous. There is no doubt about it. Yun nga lang, sometimes, he is generous to a fault. And he needs to realize this before it is too late.

"Indeed, Pacman's exploits are the only few bright spots in our country. But it does not overshadow the reality that we are still poor despite of his triumphs." - my friend, the plight of our country does not go hand-in-hand with Manny's victories. The reasons why we elect our officials is for them to take care of us, our interests, and the country. Pacman doesn't have anything to do with the plight of our country. Yet, his exploits in the ring brings a sense of hope in all of us. When he wins, we will that kind of joy that is a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Do you think a loss in the first round via knockout would do the country any good?

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Everytime a Filipino makes it on the international stage, we all feel proud of our kababayan. And why? Think about it. Ponder on it.

I remember the story of the UN flag. It had just been designed and was up for approval by members of the organization. Everyone nodded in agreement. Except for one. Twas Carlos P. Romulo. And Mr. Romulo said,

"I don't see my country in the flag's design."

"But you're country is so small. It would only look like a dot if we include it, sir," remarked one of the flag's designers.

"Then, I want that dot!" answered Carlos P. Romulo.

Hey AnitoKid, what does this have to do with Manny? Why mention this story about Carlos P. Romulo, who is perhaps the most decorated Filipino in history?

Bakit nga ba? It may or may not have anything to do at all, my friends. I'll leave it up to you to think about it. To ponder on it. To decide what i want to convey. And I kid you not!

Richard said...

Manny is going down! Guaranteed! Im not saying that he will lose to barera (maybe). But his life is going down because of the wrong decisions he made (Thanks to those people surrounding him). Manny! Mag-ingat ka! Mga linta yang nakapalibot sayo!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Yes, Richard, sad but true. We all know about such people that hangs out with the Pacman. Kinda reminds you of Mike Tyson's story.

We all wish Manny the best. May he know right from wrong, good from bad, the saints from the sinners.

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