Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cyberparty Gal's Entry to the AnitoKid Anniversary Review!

We have just received another entry to the AnitoKid Anniversary Review from my online friend, Cyberparty Gal! Cyberparty Gal has been blogging since March 2006. Her sites include Daily Humor and Contests & Freebies Around the World - both are enjoyable reads.

I particularly like the latter one, Contests & Freebies, which showcases her efforts to monetize her blog while highlighting different contests, extravaganzas and what-have-you's in the the blogosphere. May I just say that her layout is a refreshing one! Clean and easy to navigate. The color combinations are A-okay! And she has an online store, too! It features a ton of products, e.g., gift items and must-haves! Do check it out! It could be an interesting experience! And I kid you not!

And to quote her:
  • One of my blogging buddies is running a contest and I am giving him a buzz. His contest is held to celebrate his one year blogging anniversary on 20th November, 2007. Mark your calendars!

  • I have already submittedmy entry and if I can do it, anyone could as well. So try your luck and give yourself a chance at the USD100 prize.

Much thanks Cyberparty Gal for the review!
Maraming, maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po!

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Cyberpartygal said...

Hi Anitokid, Thanks for the feature and wishing you success with your contest!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

You're welcome, Cyberparty Gal! Anytime!

It's always a runout at The Runout TV!